Charlie Chauffeur Rides To LAX


Well I have finally done it.  I made it to LAX, you know, Los Angeles International Airport.  LAX is that dreaded Purgatory of Travelers at the virtual apex of the 405 FWY, which may be well referenced as the River Styx itself.  The route I take varies as the traffic on the 405 FWY is a pervasive impediment from any direction.  Nevertheless, I have arrived right on time to begin my service to Los Angelenos everywhere, from Ventura and Oxnard through the San Fernando Valley, from the Inland Empire and San Bernadino to Palm Springs, from Riverside and Temecula up to Anaheim, from Laguna and Costa Mesa throughout Orange County, from the Ports of Long Beach and San Pedro around the South Bay Curve, from the Beaches of Venice and Santa Monica through West LA, Hollywood and Beverly Hills.  I am going to tell you all of the secrets of travel that I have gleaned from fellow travelers over the decades.  The shortcuts to avoid delays, the tips to stay ahead of the lemmings, the best and the worst of every airport and way station between your home and your final destination, I will bestow upon you all of my knowledge for your benefit.

Read with me weekly and I will have new tidbits for your next trip through LAX or John Wayne (SNA), Long Beach’s Airport or Seaport, Burbank’s Bob Hope or even Ontario Airport’s return to glory.

Best of all, I want you to share with your fellow travelers as well. I want all of your comments and suggestions, big or small and I will compile them and pass them to the city at large. Tell us about good and bad service you’ve received at an airline or airport counter. Tell us about speed traps that you’ve seen on regular commute around the city. Tell us anything you wish someone had told you, pay it forward and I will use this platform to spread your useful travel wisdom to the world. Post your comments and suggestions below and I will re-post them in my next relevant CharlieChauffeurChat.

Chat with me Charlie Chauffeur and together let’s make travel less stressful.


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